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russian trade and economic development council

was created as an organisation responsible for trade promotion (TPO) with a view to strengthening foreign relations of Russian business in international markets as well as facilitating localization of foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Prerequisites for creation
  • Businesses find it difficult
    to enter international markets and win
    in global competition without outside help
  • Business needs a system
    of facilitating in promoting interests
    and projects on global stage
  • The state is burdened with
    the rules of international diplomacy a
    nd political issues in developing relations
The aim of the Council is to build up an efficient system for foreign trade development and international economic relations of Russian business
How we work
analysis of foreign
Russian partners
foreign investors
and assisting
externals economic
for global
of Russia
  • Improving the image of Russia
    in the international arena
  • Integrated base of export
    companies within the country
  • Quick search of partners for
    international business in Russian
  • Growth of export in Russia
  • Increasing number of events for investors a
    nd growth of export in Russia
  • Growth of investments resulting from relations
of mechanisms
of increasing investment
of the economy
Project team
We only cooperate with professionals with real working experience
in international relations and representatives of successful business.
The global committee of the Council is subdivided into working groups
in accordance with the countries of the world, branches of economic activity and business sectors.
The chairmen of the Committees become members of the Global Committee.
Directions for the development
The Council provides support of international activities of Russian exporters by means of business missions, participation in exhibitions, facilitating entrance to the external markets and promoting interests in accordance with business sectors.
Within Russia the Council facilitates regional distribution of manufacturers through investments into special economic zones, industrial parks, regional business missions, organising major events aimed at developing international economic relations.
The Council consolidates experience of cooperation at national, international and business levels using it in supporting realisation of projects in export / import relations, searching unique investment and technological solutions.

Strengthening of positions
of Russian economy
in the world
russian trade and
economic development council
+7 495 649 83 08
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